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Single Sign-On
The Single Sign-On (SSO) facility gives you access to a number of applications, or services, via a web browser but where you only need to login once. Once logged in you can then visit as many of the applications as you wish, and as often as you wish, without having to enter your username and password again until such time as you Logout.

Usernames and Passwords
In order to use the SSO you first need to have a valid username and password. Most people at the University will have this, but if you don't then you can apply to get a username by completing one of the forms on the web page which you can access by clicking on the Register Now button on the left of the main SSO page. Remember that the username and password are case-sensitive, so "agp34g" is not the same as "AGP34g".

Valid usernames that you can use include:

  • The standard GUID used to access most IT Services.
  • Unix login for access to central applications and data (e.g. BI/Query).
  • Unix login for access to UDCF email accounts.
  • A staff or student Novell login.
  • A login for access to the Senate Papers server.
  • A VPN username.

Many people have more than one username, but the SSO can allow various such usernames to log you in. You can use as many of these as you wish by registering them using the Staff-Number Mapping - see below. Please remember that your username and password are your own property and should not be passed on to anyone else to use.

Staff-Number Mapping
If, having logged in via the SSO, you see a message to the effect that you have not 'mapped your staff number', please follow the instructions on screen and supply your surname and your staff number. This is a one-off exercise and you should not need to repeat it again for that username (although, if you log in using a different username/password which is not registered, you will be taken through this again).

The point of this exercise is to allow your username to be associated with your staff number as, although you log in with your username, it is normally your staff number which is user behind-the-scenes to determine the access that you are allowed. It also means that you can log in with different usernames, but the SSO will recognise you as the same person and you will get the same access permissions. Once you have completed the staff-number mapping you should receive a confirmation email - follow any instructions in the email.

Once you have completed the Staff-Number Mapping you will be returned to the main SSO Login page and login.

Now press the Login menu button on the left to return to the main SSO login page.